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Even though we are homebound and feeling cooped up, let’s get moving, have fun, and roam across the United States. Together, we will track the miles we re walking, running, hiking, biking; accumulating miles with the goal of traveling across the country together to have Concordia Conversations with students, alumni, friends, and even faculty/staff who are very distant from us.

When we make it to our destinations, we will host a Concordia Conversation virtual sessions on Zoom with our friends in the area, hearing about life there, seeing how folks are doing, and celebrating together. This will be our virtual vacation.

As an added incentive, those of you who use Concordia Plans can accumulate Vitality points. All Concordia College employees who participate in this challenge and are enrolled in the Concordia Health Plan are eligible to earn up to 200 Vitality Points. To receive the maximum amount of points, each participant must report steps taken each week.

Our Progress

We’ve walked

Look at you, Clipper! Nice Job! 100%
Keep up the good work! 80%
Stay Active. Stay Strong. 50%

Clippers Connecting

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May 17, 2020

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