The Digital Quad

Business Office


Account Deposit

To be used when bringing funds to the Business Office for deposit and posting.

Check Request Form

To be used when requesting funds to pay vendors (Accounts Payable) or for EXL course fee reimbursement.

Event Revenue & Expense Tool

To be used when conducting a CCNY event that involves the incurrence of expenses and collection of revenue.

Expense Reallocation

To move funds from one expense line item to another.

Group Travel Meal Record

To be used when disbursing funds to students per diem.

Petty Cash Voucher

To be used when you have expenses that require immediate reimbursement.

Request for Funds

To be used for PO's, travel reimbursements, or other purposes (see Handbook).

Sale Tax Report

To be used when CCNY sells items to third parties and must collect sales tax.

Travel Reimbursement

To be used when seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred while conducting CCNY business.

NYS Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate

You must use this form when making purchases for CCNY, which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity.

Missing Receipts Report

To be used if a receipt is not available.