Faculty and Staff

Conference Room Extensions

  • Yeager | x2204
  • Feth 203 | x 2133
  • Kollman | x 2241
  • St. Matthew's | x 4898

Important Links and Resources

Knowledge Base

All the information you need in one place: Learn how to deploy a course via Blackboard, get assistance running reports via Banner Self-Service, set up events via 25Live.

Deploy a Course

Deploy a course via Blackboard. Check the Knowledge Base for set by step instructions.

Remote Access

Access your desktop from anywhere.

Degree Works

Look at Degree plans of your advisees.

Important Links and Resources


  1. Please click on the following link to install Citrix Receiver: https://www.citrix.com/products/receiver/
  2. After you download the Citrix Receiver go to this website. https://remoteaccess.concordia-ny.edu
  3. Log in using your User name and password
  4. Accept Concordia college Remote Access
  5. Agree to the Citrix License
  6. At the bottom of the web page you may see something that says run the following Add-on Citrix ICA client. Click the arrow and select Allow for all Websites
  7. Choose Allow for Internet Explorer Security
  8. Now click Desktops
  9. Now Click 003_Win7 Persistent Desktops – this will bring you to your virtual computer
  10. To disconnect from your virtual computer click the arrow at top of your computer and choose disconnect and then click OK
  11. Now log off Remote Access site by going to the right hand corner of web page click the down arrow next to your name and choose Log Off.
  12. Close your browser window